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Quote1 I think you'll have to face the fact that you are now part of the twenty-first century. Quote2
--Jeremiah Arkham (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Now this is my favorite part of the movie. Where our heroes think it was just about over. That they had found a way to save their worthless little lives. Only to have it all yanked away from them at the last minute. Only for them to finally have to come to terms with what everyone in the audience already knew all along. That they're never making it out of here alive. Quote2

--Jeremiah Arkham (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Ben Turner. The Bronze Tiger. Two counts manslaughter. Twenty years without parole. Suffers from delusions of being a graduate of the..."League of Assassins." Also thinks he's an agent of several intel services. All of which deny these claims. Quote2

--Jeremiah Arkham (Prime Earth)

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