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Quote1 You turned everyone I ever loved against me! My own flesh and blood! I guess it's like what they say: You all can go insane with just one bad day. Quote2
--Jerome Valeska (Gotham)

Quote1 You're as crazy as I am. It's in your DNA. See, we got the same blood running through us. We are practically identical. You are a killer. It's your nature. Don't try to fight it. Quote2

--Jerome Valeska (Gotham)

Quote1 In the darkness there are no rules. So tonight Gotham, do what you want. Kill who you want. And when morning comes, you too will be reborn. Quote2

--Jerome Valeska (Gotham)

Quote1 You all could go insane with just one bad day. Quote2

--Jerome Valeska (Gotham)

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