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Quote1 Growing up on Rimbor, you learned to put survival ahead of everything else. Quote2
--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

Quote1 That's no variant -- That's my wife! Quote2

--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

Quote1 It's like trying to arm-wrestle M'Onel, or argue with Tinya's mom. Quote2

--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

Quote1 My mother-in-law, who hates the Legion, and me especially, just got made president of the galaxy. Quote2

--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

Quote1 You want a straw with that, Ugly? Quote2

--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

Quote1 If you want to disappear, there's no better place to do it than Rimbor. Quote2

--Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)

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