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Quote1 If Julian Assange and Edward Snowden had a kid... that kid wouldn't be half the hacker that Felicity is. Quote2
--John Diggle (Prime Earth)

Quote1 For the record, this isn't cool. It took you fifteen months to trust me with your secret. One look at blondie and she's part of the team? Quote2

--John Diggle (Prime Earth)

Quote1 King's got his army, right? So we called in a few friends... now the Green Arrow has an army, too. Quote2

--John Diggle (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I came here to avenge your death... but to finish what I started, it looks like I'll have to kill you first. Quote2

--John Diggle (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Sure, I stayed in the shadows. I didn't have a codename or a gimmick. But together we made a difference. Quote2

--John Diggle (Prime Earth)

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