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Quote1 I can't help feeling this was the first battle in a brand new kind of war. Quote2
--John Lynch (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 It all stinks. Seven's left hanging by a thread and our only way out is a ninety-nine percent chance of suicide. But that's what they pay us for. The mission is priority one. National security is worth more than our lives. Quote2

--John Lynch (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 The best of the rest. They went in with top-flight equipment and all the intel money could buy. Then they dropped off the face of the Earth. Their story was over before it began. Totally blown away on their first mission. The end of the Team Eight. They died leaving their mission unsatisfied. We just spent them. And we got zero in return. Quote2

--John Lynch (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 You think it was luck that allowed you to burn your way out of that truck? Quote2

--John Lynch (Wildstorm Universe)

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