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Quote1 Well, it looks like I finally pulled the plug on the Big-B. So why don't I feel all tingly? I mean, where's the exploding fireworks and the choruses singing "Hallelujah?" In my dreams they always accompany his demise. I guess the end of the world puts a crimp in one's wishes. Quote2
--Joker (DC Universe Online)

Quote1 Let me tell you a story. A bat saves a scorpion from drowning in a river. But as the bat carries him out of the churning, deadly water, the scorpion stings the bat! In terrible agony, the bat asks 'Why?! I tried to save you, now we'll both die!' And the scorpion says 'That's the point, sucker!' HAHAHAHA! Oh, I love that story. Cracks me up everytime. Quote2

--Joker (DC Universe Online)

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