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Quote1 There is no such thing as a totally fearless human! Each of us has some special, supreme dread-- often unknown to us-- buried in the deepest recesses of our being! Quote2
--Jonathan Crane (Earth-One)

Quote1 Only you would risk your life to protect a mortal enemy... making it all the easier for the rest of us! Taste fear, Batman-- feel it in your every bone! Quote2

--Jonathan Crane (Earth-One)

Quote1 Perhaps by now you're wondering how you've regained your ability... to strike terror into all who face you, eh? Well, only I can provide that answer! Quote2

--Jonathan Crane (Earth-One)

Quote1 I'm... being driven crazy! That's what you do...! You're a crazy man who tries to make everyone else crazy! Quote2

--Jonathan Crane (Earth-One)

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