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Quote1 The ground rules for this incredible visit were spelled out for me in no uncertain terms! I am forbidden to let Clark know the truth about my visit... about how and why I'm here! Quote2
--Jonathan Kent (Earth-One)

Quote1 Anything Superboy can do, I can do -- even better, because of my mature judgement! I'll make a sketch of a costume I want you to sew me -- and I'll surprise my boy! At last, I can be like other fathers -- and teach him a thing or two! Quote2

--Jonathan Kent (Earth-One)

Quote1 Those other three super-characters have made you look like a fool! I'm ashamed of you! I-I wish I could send you back to the orphanage! Quote2

--Jonathan Kent (Earth-One)

Quote1 Remember too, that despite all your powers, you'll always be a man-not a God! Quote2

--Jonathan Kent (Earth-One)

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