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Quote1 Innocent lives are an oxymoron. Quote2
--June Moone (New Earth)

Quote1 When I can't be the toughest witch in town, I settle for being the sneakiest. Quote2

--June Moone (New Earth)

Quote1 Well! If this doesn't flip your lid! I can walk right through the wall -- as if it didn't exist! Quote2

--June Moone (New Earth)

Quote1 Enchantress... always The Enchantress! I guess I'm the only girl on Earth who's jealous... of herself! Quote2

--June Moone (New Earth)

Quote1 How lovely to be free again. Each time I'm released I get just the teensiest bit stronger. Soon you won't be able to get rid of me. And then we'll settle a few old scores, hmm? Quote2

--June Moone (New Earth)

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