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--Kal-Il (Earth 3)

Quote1 We have watched your world. It is a world very different from our own. A world that wastes its time protecting the weak. Your world fights against the most basic rule of evolution: natural selection. The progression of the human race has been halted by allowing those who offer society nothing to continue to consume, procreate and breathe. This place has allowed the inadequate, incompetent and ignorant to thrive. The destitute are winning. But the war is not over. You are the strongest there are. You were given your power for a reason. Join us and we will take this world together! Aeternus Malum. "Forever Evil." Quote2

--Kal-Il (Earth 3)

Quote1 I don't break so easy. Quote2

--Kal-Il (Earth 3)

Quote1 But you... you are our allies... our Secret Society. Our army. Quote2

--Kal-Il (Earth 3)

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