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Quote1 You shouldn't ever take shit off anyone, Gemma. I never did. But you don't need magic or whatever. Get Angry if you want. Chin the wee bitch... Just make sure that people know who you are and what you're about, and that they'd better not try any oul' cuteness. Quote2
--Kathryn Ryan (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm not friggin' cold! Just 'cause you've made a ballacks of your life an' you've got a head full've mad dog's shite, doesn't mean everyone else has! Right?! You're a stupid, selfish bastard, John. And you've never really cared about anyone. Quote2

--Kathryn Ryan (New Earth)

Quote1 But at the end, right, when I told him I was leavin' -- he was sayin' things I never thought I'd hear out've him. He stopped just short of tellin' me he loved me... You've no idea what that meant, comin' from him. Quote2

--Kathryn Ryan (New Earth)

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