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Quote1 Well? I'm feeling succulent. How 'bout you? Quote2
--Kelvin Mao (New Earth)

Quote1 But I'm warning you...the money's mine. Quote2

--Kelvin Mao (New Earth)

Quote1 The name's Ballistic in case you've forgotten...and it looks like we're both hunting the same game.' Quote2

--Kelvin Mao (New Earth)

Quote1 I always do the right thing...and if you're paying me to do a wrong thing, you just bought your downfall. Quote2

--Kelvin Mao (New Earth)

Quote1 ...I woke up almost skin turned to "armor"... strength and speed increased...senses enhanced. Feels great, but no way I can continue being Kelvin Mao the cop looking like this... Quote2

--Kelvin Mao (New Earth)

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