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Quote1 This time.. ... he has chosen the wrong target! I am ... Man-Bat! Quote2
--Kirk Langstrom (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I did this, Batman. This is my fault. I created the Man-Bat Serum. And It's my responsibility to fix it. Quote2

--Kirk Langstrom (Prime Earth)

Quote1 This is my formula. I can control it. And I will. Quote2

--Kirk Langstrom (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Each of these drawers contains mysteries with no answers, and secrets beyond comprehension. Hmmm... you'd like to hear one, wouldn't you? One of the encounters with the Otherkind. If I were in your shoes, I know I'd be deadly curious. Quote2

--Kirk Langstrom (Prime Earth)

Quote1 My life hasn't exactly gone the way I planned. I Have a lot more to offer the world than losing my mind and trying to eat Batman... I was a respected scientist once... I thought, perhaps, if I could make some sense of this strangeness, they'd respect me again? Quote2

--Kirk Langstrom (Prime Earth)

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