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Quote1 ...The renegade Guardian has returned. I am KRONA. And I am mad. Quote2
--Krona (New Earth)

Quote1 You may think you are special in the eyes of the Guardians, but I was once considered the Guardian's greastest "hero". As were others. But ultimately, once you fly too high, the Guardians will cast you down. Quote2

--Krona (New Earth)

Quote1 I am a scientist. A seeker of knowledge. I search for the secret of creation, and the truth of what existed before. Quote2

--Krona (New Earth)

Quote1 Men of Oa -- you who now call yourselves Guardians of the Universe -- I know you are watching me, so heed my words well. I am coming for you, Guardians -- coming to destroy you and your precious universe -- and there is nothing you or your simpering Green Lanterns can do to stop me!!! Quote2

--Krona (New Earth)

Quote1 ' Quote2

--Krona (New Earth)

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