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Quote1 When I reveal my true identity, he'll have to admit that I'm really his dream girl! Quote2
--Lana Lang (Earth-One)

Quote1 Let Superboy go... you hussy! Quote2

--Lana Lang (Earth-One)

Quote1 It's a bargain, Superboy! I'll destroy the tape... If you give me the power to fly for three hours! I've always dreamed of flying the way you do! Quote2

--Lana Lang (Earth-One)

Quote1 Drat! I tried to play a trick on fate, and it tricked me! Quote2

--Lana Lang (Earth-One)

Quote1 How dare you!? And just when I thought we were beyond the petty squabbling that went on when we were at each other's throats over Superman! Quote2

--Lana Lang (Earth-One)
Quote1 When Superboy grows up into Superman, he'll forget me for that reporter, Lois Lane! I'd better do something about it now! Quote2
--Lana Lang

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