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Quote1 I know this woman is the love of your life... even though she is Barry Allen's wife! Nevertheless, I am giving you fair notice -- her life will soon end -- just as you ended the life of my dear, departed Roscoe! A love for a love! Quote2
--Lisa Snart (New Earth)

Quote1 Then I'll die-- gladly! Without my beloved Roscoe, I have only one thing to live for anyway-- vengeance! And with that accomplished, I'll perish in peace-- knowing you will be mourning as I have mourned-- -- three times over! Quote2

--Lisa Snart (New Earth)

Quote1 I dare you to look me in the eyes and say that, Flash-Fink! You're not man enough to insult me to my face! Quote2

--Lisa Snart (New Earth)

Quote1 You got off easy. He used to change my underwear to gold. Quote2

--Lisa Snart (New Earth)

Quote1 They call me Golden Glider, I'm such a clever lass, my skates are sharp like razors, and I'm coming for your... Quote2

--Lisa Snart (New Earth)

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