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Quote1 He's strong, he flies, he's the Nietzschian fantasy ideal all wrapped up in a red cape. A Superman. Quote2
--Lois Lane (DCAU)

Quote1 I hear he's nothing but Gotham trash. Rich, spoiled and... absolutely gorgeous... Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCAU)

Quote1 You know what really galls me? I mean, besides the fact that the new man is really two men - it's that I'm sitting on the hottest story of the year - Batman, Unmasked - and there's not a blasted thing I can do about it. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCAU)

Quote1 Will you grow up? My friend and I were almost killed, Superman's gone missing and Brainiac has seized control of the world's nuclear arsenal! Do you really think these people care what a high-voltage former shock-jock has to say? Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCAU)

Quote1 Superman isn't Superman at the moment, Clark. He won't be for another couple of days either. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCAU)

Quote1 About time you showed up, Smallville. This is only the biggest story since Superman first hit this burg. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCAU)

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