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Quote1 There was one thing I didn't know… There's a monster inside all of us. Quote2
--Lois Lane (DCeased)

Quote1 The hardest part of dealing with the infected was disassociating. The infected couldn't be people. They couldn't be colleagues. They couldn't be beloved friends. Familiar faces had to be shut out. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCeased)

Quote1 This is Lois Lane of the Daily Planet in Metropolis. I know this world looks like a nightmare. If you can hear me, I know you're scared. But you are not alone. We are regrouping. The Justice League is gathering in Metropolis. Anyone with the power or means to confront this, please come to the Daily Planet roof, if it is safe and you are capable of doing so. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCeased)

Quote1 Then, husband was gone. And any hope our world had was gone with him. Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCeased)

Quote1 How do we help? Quote2

--Lois Lane (DCeased)

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