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Quote1 Now our enemies become our allies... those we fought against are now the very ones we fight alongside. The danger is to us all... but somehow we will survive. Somehow we will triumph. Somehow we will succeed even in the face of death! Quote2
--Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)

Quote1 Forgive me... though you have been my father and more - I now betray you. Quote2

--Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)

Quote1 the History of the Universe as seen through my eyes. Its concerns are with those men and women who fought and sacrificed their own lives to save the universe, whose courage and determination altered the past and future. As for me, I am Harbinger, and it is my mission to gather the truth. Quote2

--Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)

Quote1 ...I have learned the truth: the stuff of heroes is within us all - the willingness to go beyond the routine and lend help to those who need it. Quote2

--Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)

Quote1 Is that little butterball really Wonder Woman? Quote2

--Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)

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