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Quote1 Every warrior must learn the simple truth... that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. Quote2
--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

Quote1 Ironic, isn't it? Last Christmas, I almost killed you. A few months ago, you saved my life. And now you're here to trying to kill me. You should makeup your mind. Quote2

--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

Quote1 By all accounts, you were too good at allying yourself with Ra's and I don't think I carry much credibility with them. Quote2

--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

Quote1 Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all. It's her life. It's her choice. Quote2

--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

Quote1 Why would a man who can travel through time always be in such a hurry? Quote2

--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

Quote1 I thought of you as a son once Oliver. I had more in common with you than my own blood, but that's not the reason I'm not going to kill you. Neither is the fact that you are my daughter's brother. The reason you get to live is because death would be a mercy compared to the debt I now owe you! Quote2

--Malcolm Merlyn (Arrow)

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