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Quote1 I know Mayor Hady's been calling. And I've read the editorials, even seen some of the posts online. I know they all want my badge now. But you know I never stopped working this case, Commissioner. Even when everyone else thought the killings were over... I never stopped looking for these kids. Quote2
--Margaret Sawyer (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Isabella? Tell me this isn't what it looks like. Tell me you just want to defend your neighborhood. Tell me this isn't a mob. Quote2

--Margaret Sawyer (Prime Earth)

Quote1 If you had strep throat, you'd take antibiotics, right? Well, mental illness is the same thing. You need to treat it. It's not a sign of weakness. Quote2

--Margaret Sawyer (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Well, we all have our bad habits, don't we? Mine is nicotine... and yours is that psychotic murderer, Nocturna. Quote2

--Margaret Sawyer (Prime Earth)

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