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Quote1 You know, I've been watching this show I don't know how many years, and Dick Clark never seems to age. You don't suppose he's one of Clark's "villains", do you? Quote2
--Martha Clark (New Earth)

Quote1 I said Enough! Lois--you take Clark for granted and you're not always as supportive as wife should be, in my opinion. And Lana? You had your chance years ago. And walked away. Your choice. Move on. Get over it. Find someone else. Now. Who's for dessert? Quote2

--Martha Clark (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm a Kansas farmer's wife -- take more than you to scare me. You hurt my dog. Dug up my dear Jon. Wrecked my home. Afraid? No. How would Conner put it? Oh yeah... It's on! Quote2

--Martha Clark (New Earth)

Quote1 Jonathan...It's Lois... That poor child. I-I think she needs us. Quote2

--Martha Clark (New Earth)

Quote1 Oh, Jonathan! Not you, too! JONATHAN! Quote2

--Martha Clark (New Earth)

Quote1 It's hard being a kid today. Quote2

--Martha Clark (New Earth)
Quote1 The world needs a Superboy. Quote2
Martha Kent (New Earth)[src]

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