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Quote1 Baudelaire said only three beings are worthy of respect--the priest, the poet and the warrior. To know, to kill. You, my genetically-enhanced friend, are all three: Slade the Deathstroke. Quote2
--Matthew Bland (Prime Earth)

Quote1 ... My man. No pulling the wool over your eye, eh...? A true Super-Wheelon. Quote2

--Matthew Bland (Prime Earth)

Quote1 TRAITORS--!! HERETICS!! Death to the enemies of the state! To all who dare oppose me--Mathayo--Liberator of Buredinia, Osagyefo-Redeemer, Conqueror of Rivers, The Unbowed, Defender of the Faith--Ja Zaki--THE RED LION!! Quote2

--Matthew Bland (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Slade the Deathstroke has killed dozens of men. Maybe 'undreds. I do that before lunch. Quote2

--Matthew Bland (Prime Earth)

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