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Quote1 You went into the hospital the old daddy and you came out the new daddy and that funny old monkey man keeps following you around and sometimes there's trees in the bathroom. When are we going to see mommy? Quote2
--Maxine Baker (New Earth)

Quote1 The old man who lives inside Mister Rainbow... The nice old man... He said the animals want to teach you a big secret, Daddy. Are you going to go away with the animals? Quote2

--Maxine Baker (New Earth)

Quote1 Daddy's coming now... He's coming back now... He's leaving the animal place... he's flying through the colors... He's back! Hi, Daddy! Quote2

--Maxine Baker (New Earth)

Quote1 Oh no, you're still the same daddy right inside. But you were cuddlier before. Quote2

--Maxine Baker (New Earth)

Quote1 How do you know what I wanted? You didn't ask me! You're as bad as the grownups you complain about! Quote2

--Maxine Baker (New Earth)

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Quote1Maxine BakerQuote2: This is Tarzan and that's his monkey. I'm doing a storyboard for the nex' Tarzan movie.
Quote1Cliff BakerQuote2: Tarzan doesn't have a monkey, pinhead! It's a chimp-pan-zee!
Quote1Ellen BakerQuote2: What did you just call your sister? Don't you dare call her "Pinhead" again.
Quote1CliffQuote2: Sorry, mom.

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