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Quote1 Oh hell no, I always wanted to be living fanfic for a nerd with a god complex. There used to be girls on the internet who got paid for this... Quote2
--Maxine Manchester (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Damn. You did that to a kid? That's brutal, over-the-top, and completely unnecessary. There had to be a kinder, more humane solution. I think I love you, Jacko. Quote2

--Maxine Manchester (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Look out for SERGEANT FREAKY and her CREAKIN' COMMANDOS! Quote2

--Maxine Manchester (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Aw, damn it. I knew I'd miss the good part! Who won? Anyone get his clothes "accidentally" torn off? Quote2

--Maxine Manchester (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Just because I'm slightly over the flesh ratio shouldn't mean a damn thing! I've got mechanical rights --! Quote2

--Maxine Manchester (Wildstorm Universe)

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