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Quote1 No one puts me first, least of all you! None of you deserve me. Quote2
--Mazikeen (Lucifer TV Series)

Quote1 I'm worried that humans are rubbing off on you. Stop caring. You're the Devil. Quote2

--Mazikeen (Lucifer TV Series)

Quote1 The self worth comes from within, bitches. Quote2

--Mazikeen (Lucifer TV Series)

Quote1 Decker's the one who's gonna suffer. You know, I gotta admit getting her to fall for you and then, poof, vanishing? Ruthless. And that's saying something coming from a demon. Respect. Quote2

--Mazikeen (Lucifer TV Series)

Quote1 I am with you, Lucifer, from now until the end. We're a team. Quote2

--Mazikeen (Lucifer TV Series)

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