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Quote1 Bingo. Aquaman. Current whereabouts... strengths... vulnerabilities... Piece of cake. Quote2
--Michael Cray (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Listen, we're off rotation. I've got half a bottle of scotch malt in my quarters and John Wayne in The Quiet Man on DVD. Why don't you come join me and kick back? I'll be a perfect gentleman-- scout's honor. Or are you too busy polishing your halo? Quote2

--Michael Cray (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 The other guys all got some wacky psychic powers and I got dick. Yeah. I can kill. Not with a thought, but with my bare friggin' hands! Quote2

--Michael Cray (Wildstorm Universe)

Quote1 Only one way I'm going quiet, "pal" -- in a pine box! Quote2

--Michael Cray (Wildstorm Universe)

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