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Quote1 We few are all that remains to mount any kinds of resistance. Join us. Complete your mission. No more hiding. No more running. No more do we submit. Now we fight back. Now, we make our stand. Now, we resist! Quote2
--Michael Holt (New Earth)

Quote1 Have faith, Pieter. Faith in science. It'll show you the way through this mystery. Quote2

--Michael Holt (New Earth)

Quote1 Flash, check the wreckage for survivors. Lightning Wildcat, help me get these EMTs out of here. G.L. - feed this poser his teeth. Quote2

--Michael Holt (New Earth)

Quote1 Twenty-seven of your race almost destroyed Metropolis not long ago. Imagine what a hundred thousand of you could do. Quote2

--Michael Holt (New Earth)

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