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Quote1 Trust me, kid. Everything has its melting point. Quote2
--Mick Rory (New Earth)

Quote1 The old man you left for dead back there? He was a good friend of mine. A talented friend. He stitched this suit together. But he didn't make yours, did he? Quote2

--Mick Rory (New Earth)

Quote1 The friction the Flash hits when he's moving twenty times the speed of sound can't even warm up his crimson cowl. But my fire can melt the Flash's boots. You think about that if you still can. Quote2

--Mick Rory (New Earth)

Quote1 You think that's a plan? Listen... you don't know Jak! Quote2

--Mick Rory (New Earth)

Quote1 Ironic! I finally pull off the criminal coup of the decade -- the unmaskin' of The Flash -- and I still don't know who he is! Quote2

--Mick Rory (New Earth)

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