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Quote1 No wonder when I was first resurrected it was to make amends. The tektites gave me the good karma to balance out the old me! Quote2
--Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I'll sleep when I'm dead. I'll get back to you when I've got a schedule for that. Quote2

--Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You're keeping me here. You're holding on to me. That's why I'm not resurrecting. Let me go. I don't want to go with you. Quote2

--Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 If only I could focus. Show them what I am. What I can do. Show them the truth. Can't take this. Need to do something... drastic. Quote2

--Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I was so mad at him! I wasn't even thinking! Is that what my mind is hiding from me? Is that the memory that won't come clear? That man I dreamed about. That ruthless man... Was that me? Quote2

--Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)

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