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Quote1.png I will see you again, but if I don't...If I am swallowed up in the emptiness and coldness of the universe, remember me. Remember that your mother never stopped trying to get back to you. And also remember this: that before she died, your mother saw things that no human eyes have seen before. Be happy for me. Be proud for me. Quote2.png

--Natasha Teranova (New Earth)

Quote1.png I have decided to call this planet Hope's End. Although we can't be sure it appears that the entire planet is one vast prison. The planet is probably smaller than earth, and closer to its strange purple-tinted sun. There are three moons, and an atmosphere with less oxygen and considerably less water vapor. The net effect is a place that is 120° F during the day and 30°F at night, where you can't catch your breath and where the centipedes are a meter long. Quote2.png

--Natasha Teranova (New Earth)

Quote1.png Diana seems to be immune in some odd way to the harshness of this place. If there is any laughter here, it is hers. The guards are given to random outbursts of rage and brutality. No one seems to know why. More than once I've seen her take blows that were meant for another. And in the same day, she will give up her rations to one of the children who live here, like starving little rats. Wonder if she realizes that in this evil place, such goodness is lost amid the misery? Quote2.png

--Natasha Teranova (New Earth)

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