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Quote1 As a designated seeker, I traveled across the Five Dimensions in search of worlds that could provide the fuel necessary to sustain our planet. Five million human lives will do that. Quote2
--Neil Quinn (Prime Earth)

Quote1 My fellow humans are going to get hurt. I'm not going to run. I'm going to help. Quote2

--Neil Quinn (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Don't give up on hope, Dad. Tomorrow will be better. Quote2

--Neil Quinn (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Last week, when I returned to Earth, I hoped that I would be able to help it become the place my parents had always dreamed of. But sadly see now there are far too many here hungry for control and with hate in their hearts to ever make that possible. Quote2

--Neil Quinn (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You're right, Superman. A perfect world doesn't happen overnight. A perfect world has a cost. And Earth must pay for it. Quote2

--Neil Quinn (Prime Earth)

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