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Quote1 Unless Mera returns to the other-dimensional water world in which she was born... ...she will undoubtedly die! Quote2
--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

Quote1 My King and country have been taken from me. I want them back. Quote2

--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

Quote1 I -- I cannot, Mera! While you were gone... Arthur, Jr.... died. Quote2

--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

Quote1 If you don't find him... well... there are other cities where you can build a life... if you don't find him, Poseidonis will be gone. Quote2

--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

Quote1 Orin, you have been judged guilty of the most unspeakable crime ever committed against the undersea kingdom. By the will of all water-breathing people, you are hereby condemned to death by dessication on Traitor's Reef. May great Oceanid have mercy on your soul. Quote2

--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm a scientist, not a warrior. Quote2

--Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)

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