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Hal Jordan nearly lost his humanity during his time as the Spectre.

Sometimes called "unlimited power", Omnipotence is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to do anything. Restrictions to this ability arise differently between characters however most include being unable to take an action while lying, going against the nature of the character, reasoning behind the action, and/or being guided or withheld by the "law" of the character.

For example:

  • Phantom Stranger must always speak the truth. It isn't a blatant rule, but instead of lying or being dishonest, the Stranger will always roundabout the conversation with extended dialogue or confusing syntax.
  • Lucifer, himself, could never go against the nature of his being. Often called the embodiment of evil, Lucifer would never give without taking something many times more heavily.
  • Pandora was once bound by the reasoning of her superiors to dictate her actions. As such, she was only allowed to take action if her elders (or captors) allowed it to be. She no longer is bound by such people.
  • The Spectre is the right hand of his God. Often called upon to exact vengeance in the name of God, Spectre cannot take action that is not dictated by the laws that bind him.

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