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Quote1 I warned you, Hal. You should've left me dead. Quote2
--Orion (Prime Earth)

Quote1 This is the face of God. Quote2

--Orion (Prime Earth)

Quote1 And the laws of the Source dictate that in a trial of a god ... the Highfather is responsible for appointing the accuser, the defender, the judge. Given these laws ... I appoint myself to the positions of accuser, defender and judge. Quote2

--Orion (Prime Earth)

Quote1 If we die, we die for New Genesis! Quote2

--Orion (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Wait a minute -- the threat to the universe is a child? Well, it has happened before... But I've been sent to battle an infant!?! Quote2

--Orion (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Thank the stars. I'm just saying. It'll be easier on me if I have to destroy a boy baby rather than a girl baby. ... You people are all sexist. Quote2

--Orion (Prime Earth)

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