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Quote1 Do you know what I like most about the ocean, little pretender? There are no laws here. No policemen, no municipal courts, no stultifying "societal standards." It's a place for the strong. For men bold enough to take what they want. To take what they want -- and to kill anyone who stands in their way! Quote2
--Orm Marius (New Earth)

Quote1 Damn you, Aquaman! How many lives do you have? Quote2

--Orm Marius (New Earth)

Quote1 Going somewhere, Blubberbutt? Quote2

--Orm Marius (New Earth)

Quote1 To quote the Munchkins - let the joyous news be spread! The Ocean Master gon' bust yo' head! Quote2

--Orm Marius (New Earth)

Quote1 I AM AQUAMAN! You know that I am! You will call me Aquaman! Right now. Say it. Say that I am Aquaman. Quote2

--Orm Marius (New Earth)

Quote1 I have returned, dear half-brother! And before this day is done, I shall be a King -- and you shall be dead! Quote2

--Orm Marius (New Earth)

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