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Quote1 Oww... My head hurts so much, I don't know whether I had a nightmare or we're really fightin' a bunch of talking animals! Quote2
--Patrick Dugan (New Earth)

Quote1 Stop being so smart...I'm starting to feel like a sidekick again. Quote2

--Patrick Dugan (New Earth)

Quote1 Not this time, pals...this time I free myself!! Quote2

--Patrick Dugan (New Earth)

Quote1 Call on us, pal, whether they're crooks from books or from real life, we'll take them on and set things right! Quote2

--Patrick Dugan (New Earth)

Quote1 It oughtta be a lesson to thugs that they can't get away with nothin' while we're around... But they never seem to learn so I guess we'll be goin' into action again soon! Quote2

--Patrick Dugan (New Earth)

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