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Quote1 Why put on a mask and fight crime? And why so many of them, all at once? I wondered if I'd ever know... Quote2
--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

Quote1 Once the Justice Society went public, they started to turn up pretty much everywhere. Quote2

--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

Quote1 The world took a sad turn after the disappearance of the J.S.A. Quote2

--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

Quote1 The return of the Mystery Men soon brought something we hadn't seen much of before...the costumed kid sidekick. Quote2

--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

Quote1 With the deaths of the Doom Patrol, the world moved in a dark and deeply disturbing direction. Quote2

--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

Quote1 All things considered, it was a hell of a day. Quote2

--Paul Lincoln (New Earth)

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