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Quote1 That's all I get, an "Oh, you"?! My life is over because of you and those things. You... do you have any idea... you ruined my life! Quote2
--Priscilla Kitaen (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Earth will never be yours! Quote2

--Priscilla Kitaen (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Our connection was broken. Hopefully she understands now that she doesn't have to be like this. There is still hope for her. Quote2

--Priscilla Kitaen (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Then let's get going. I'm not waiting around until it's convenient for me, when lives could be in danger. Unlike some people. Quote2

--Priscilla Kitaen (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Trust me. The pain is practically unbearable, but I can feel her in that ship. She is heading to the weapon that alien with the blue-fire-for-a-head wanted. Quote2

--Priscilla Kitaen (Prime Earth)

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