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Quote1 This is where the Red Tornado belongs... In the cold of space-- Where nothing lives... --Including me! Who'd say a robot is alive? Certainly not the Justice Society-- Oh, they're kind enough... Like they'd be to a lost puppy! I've got super-powers... intelligence... everything except humanity! One thing I wish I didn't have-- emotions... Quote2
--Red Tornado (New Earth)

Quote1 Social interactivity was set to low priority. Quote2

--Red Tornado (New Earth)

Quote1 In one day, I've gone fom being only one of my being a member of one very, very bizarre family. Quote2

--Red Tornado (New Earth)

Quote1 Make me human! If humanity is to perish, let me go with them! Send me to oblivion with those I love, as one of them! Quote2

--Red Tornado (New Earth)

Quote1 It... appears I love you, too. Quote2

--Red Tornado (New Earth)

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