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Quote1.png You're a terrible liar. And one thing I learned to recognize in the forces...was a coward. Goodbye, Dr. Quinzel. Quote2.png

--[[Suicide Squad Vol 5 32|Richard FlagQuote1.png We all pay for our sins, Amanda. Eventually. And God knows you have more sins than most. You made your home a prison. I just hope I'm there to see you behind bars. Quote2.png
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 5 35|Richard FlagQuote1.png You ruined... my life ...Amanda. You killed my men.And you're gonna pay! Quote2.png
--[[Suicide Squad Vol 5 49|Richard FlagQuote1.png That's the way a cold war starts, right, Waller? Someone over there gets wind of a U.S. government-backed team of super-criminals. They decide they want their own Suicide Squad... because why should America have all the bad ideas? Quote2.png
--Richard Flag Jr. (Prime Earth)


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