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Quote1 That's the real Green Lantern and Starman over there -- except that they're decades older than when we saw them last, just a few weeks ago! Quote2
--Robert Crane (New Earth)

Quote1 Good night, Officer. Don't forget to put out the clock and wind the cat. Quote2

--Robert Crane (New Earth)

Quote1 He can fly ?! Then why the roadster? Quote2

--Robert Crane (New Earth)

Quote1 I am a man of metal-- except for my human brain. Quote2

--Robert Crane (New Earth)

Quote1 Drummer learned that rich Knight kid's folks would be away! Then he dit-dahed the message to tell the band who they were robbing tonight! But ... he misspelled Knight's name. His message said "night's tonight at eight." Quote2

--Robert Crane (New Earth)

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