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Quote1 I have another face now. One that suits me far better. Quote2
--Roman Sionis (Prime Earth)

Quote1 It's time the False Face Society was made whole again. My False Face Society, that is. Under me. And if things have to get a little messy to do it? I'm cool with messy. Quote2

--Roman Sionis (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I will have to rely on your telling me the truth because I cannot see into your mind. You will have to rely on my mercy. Quote2

--Roman Sionis (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Beautiful, isn't she? I was never interested in dating. Not as a teenager. Or later as an adult. Because people will let you down. Relationships are ephemeral at best. But a woman like Gotham? She's forever. Yet she's been mistreated over the years. Her suitors have lacked sincerity. Equity. Gravitas. They've used her like a doormat. Like the ring of some never-ending boxing match. I ask that any way to treat a lady? Quote2

--Roman Sionis (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Trust me, Artemis, when I say the possibilities are endless. But let's talk about it when you wake up. Quote2

--Roman Sionis (Prime Earth)

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