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Quote1 At first I thought it was just a feeling, like I'm paranoid. But that guy, Marley, he sees them, too. We might be crazy but how can we be crazy in the same way ? Quote2
--Rory Regan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You think I'm ashamed? Maybe I am. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up. Quote2

--Rory Regan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I can't help but notice you didn't lift a finger. I see you grinning and drooling up there while I fight for life and death. You care to let me in on the joke ? Quote2

--Rory Regan (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Every time I fight, somebody hurts. Every time somebody hurts, that thing gains influence over more people... And Etrigan's no never ends! Quote2

--Rory Regan (Prime Earth)

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