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Quote1.png The Microverse is the foundation of all reality. If it's disrupted, if the foundation crumbles, everything above could go with it. Everything. Quote2.png

--Ryan Choi (Prime Earth)

Quote1.png I thought--I thought I could do it. I just wanted to save Professor Palmer. But it keeps getting bigger. I can't control it. I brought all of you down here with me and I can't control-- Quote2.png

--Ryan Choi (Prime Earth)

Quote1.png I know people pray to you all the time and you never answer. Not for a thousand years. They probably seem like loud little ants. No one thinks about what an ant wants, you know? But I came here, way down here into your heart, to meet you on your terms. Not to pray. Or beg. But to ask you something...face-to-face. Quote2.png

--Ryan Choi (Prime Earth)

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