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Brainiac (Justice) 001

Brainiac, ever the scientist, uses extreme measures to gain and preserve knowledge.

Often an indicator of "genius level intellect", Science is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to use their brain in a specific field to intellectually and practically encompass a study. Whether it is to study a behavior, understand a concept or actively use their knowledge to an end is up to the character in question.

Characters with this ability are called "scientists" and often use their broad knowledge of science to learn about the human body, learn about plant bodies, experiment with chemicals, harness electricity, learn about insect bodies, learn about the death of someone, learn about the origin of species, learn about rocks and earth, learn about sea life, create machines, heal sick patients, learn about the laws of nature, learn about the human mind, practice medicine on the human mind, create robots and learn about toxic chemicals. These are only a few applications of science.

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