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Quote1 I was raised on this cruel god planet. And I know the dark secrets of Apokolips. I'm coming for you, father. We will see whose son I truly am today... Quote2
--Scot (Prime Earth)

Quote1 He'll kill me if I give him the chance. But I need to survive. So that the universe will, too. Quote2

--Scot (Prime Earth)

Quote1 When the moment comes. When he's right there with me. Instead of giving him the kid... I'm just going to kill my father. Quote2

--Scot (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Nnn. And... if that... mockingbird won't sing... daddy... daddy's going to buy you... a goddamn diamond ring. Quote2

--Scot (Prime Earth)

Quote1 You mistake escaping for running, Steppenwolf. I don't run. Quote2

--Scot (Prime Earth)

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