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Quote1 How brave and strong he is! If only he would team up with me-- Nobody would be able to stop us... Nobody! Quote2
--Selina Kyle (Earth-Two)

Quote1 I'm in love, Batman.. In love with a fine, decent man! You've probably heard of him.. Bruce Wayne! Quote2

--Selina Kyle (Earth-Two)

Quote1 I sort of wish the Batman was here driving this car and I were sitting beside him... and we were just another boy and girl out for a ride on a moonlight night. That would be sort of... of... nice! Quote2

--Selina Kyle (Earth-Two)

Quote1 That's mistletoe above us! Well, don't stand there- kiss me! -- Don't turn me in, Batman! Join up with me instead! Together, we can rule the underworld! We can be king and queen of crime! You and I- together! Quote2

--Selina Kyle (Earth-Two)

Quote1 Batman wasn't hurt, was he? I only meant to scare him back when I dropped that block! Quote2

--Selina Kyle (Earth-Two)

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