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Quote1 When he comes... when Komodo comes, and he will, I want you to tell him something... Tell him I have Robert's son now... and I'm coming for him. Quote2
--Shado (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I've seen the way you look at him. I've fallen in love with a Queen man too. Fyff was right... you should be careful. Quote2

--Shado (Prime Earth)

Quote1 I am going to that damned island... with or without you, Oliver. I'm getting Emiko back... and I'm going to have Komodo's head for what he did. Quote2

--Shado (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Don't tell me you accept the coincidence that you just happened to be stranded -- with a bow -- on the very island that your father had marked as the Arrow Clan's home? Quote2

--Shado (Prime Earth)

Quote1 The way Robert spoke of you--you sounded like such a wayward kid. He would be so proud to see what you've become. Quote2

--Shado (Prime Earth)

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