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Quote1 Through all of history, mankind has faced extinction scenarios. Where we felt survival was beyond human scope. And we assume mantles of creatures we know to be survivors. Strong. Capable. It reminds us on that deep level that we were once more than we are that we can be more when the time comes. And we can rise to face that challenge! Quote2
--Shayera Thal (Earth-One)

Quote1 I am real, darling! And as for you, Queenie-- Hands off my Husband! Quote2

--Shayera Thal (Earth-One)

Quote1 Sorry, boys! Duty calls--and I always obey! Quote2

--Shayera Thal (Earth-One)

Quote1 Why doesn't anyone ever say "look out, it's HawkWoman!"? You'd think this was a solo act Quote2

--Shayera Thal (Earth-One)

Quote1 Some are more alien than others! Quote2

--Shayera Thal (Earth-One)

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